To purchase Pay Per View from the Program Guide on a DVR Cable Box:

  1. Press the GUIDE button.
  2. Press the arrow buttons to highlight a PPV program you want to purchase.
  3. Press SELECT.
  4. Select BUY then follow on-screen prompts.

Press the Exit button to return to the Program Guide. You will be alerted once the movie/event starts. If you decide to cancel a purchase, follow the same prompts to cancel prior to the start of the movie/event.

If you're unable to order a PPV event:

Try resetting your equipment. If this does not resolve your problem, there could be an issue with your account. Typical account problems are:

-Your PIN may need to be reset.

-You could have a billing issue with your account preventing you from ordering PPV events.

You will need to contact Ritter in order to have your PIN reset or to resolve billing issues related to Pay Per View content.