Selective Call Acceptance allows you to only receive incoming calls from a specified list of telephone numbers.

To use this feature, the subscriber creates a Selective Call Acceptance screening list of up to ten telephone numbers. Incoming calls from telephone numbers not on your list will hear a special announcement which states: "We're sorry. The called party is currently not accepting calls."

  1. Press *61 to activate this feature
  2. You will be instructed to make the following type entries:

    Press 3 to turn on/off.

    Press the pound key to add a number to the list.

    Press the star key to remove a number from the list.

    Press 1 to hear entries already set up.

    Press 0 to hear the instructions again.

  3. To remove an entry, you will be instructed to dial 07 immediately after the entry is made.

  4. Press *61 to deactivate this feature